Presentation remotes

This little device called a remote or 'clicker' is a must for any speaker who presents with slides and doesn’t want to be tied to a computer.

Most clickers work with the popular software programs like Microsoft PowerPoint™, Apple Keynote™ and online programs like Prezzi and Haikudeck, etc.

There are many brands from which to choose.

The SMK Remote Navigator is seen here in the graphic.

This remote is simple, small, and extremely easy to use. In addition, it’s back-weighted, so it stays in your hand towards the front your palm without much worry that it will fall out of your hand. (Ooooops!)

Whether you're presenting to one person in a business setting or delivering your first keynote to 5,000 people, you should be using a handheld clicker.

Yes, even the best speakers use them!

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