Mic test 1,2,3!

Testing 1, 2. Testing, 1, 2, 3. Testing 1, 2. Testing 1, 2, 3.

Can everyone hear me?

If the above comprises your typical sound testing exercises, you need a microphone test phrases makeover. It’s not that the exercise is wrong. It’s more that it isn’t the most effective at determining the quality of your microphone’s sound. The problem with repeatedly voicing “Testing 1,2. Testing, 1, 2, 3.” into your handheld or lavaliere microphone is that you’re not adequately checking the sound of the pronunciation of core syllables in common words. In the early 1940s, Harvard scientists developed the Harvard sentences.

What?Used to test the speech attributes of communications systems utilized by the military, the Harvard sentences include 72 different lists of 10 lines each. Of all the sentences in the lists, each contains only a small amount of words – never above 12.  The researchers tested cellphones, VoIP, and several other technologies by speaking sentences from these lists. While a variety of speech testing words exist, the Harvard sentences are a timeless and popular set. Scientists created the sentences in such a way that they were balanced phonetically. In other words, they envelope every possible noise people pick up with their ears throughout the course of a conversation.Why?These sentences were produced in the midst of World War II to enable more clear, effective, and efficient military correspondence. The research lab where the sentences came to life was located in a boiler room turned secret testing room. For the most part, the phrases attempt to examine whether or not language was comprehensible during interactions.How?Presenters can integrate these phrases as part of their microphone testing prior to giving their presentations. Here’s an example of 1 of the 72 Harvard sentences lists from columbia.edu:1.

1. The small pup gnawed a hole in the sock.

2. The fish twisted and turned on the bent hook.3. Press the pants and sew a button on the vest.

4. The swan dive was far short of perfect.

5. The beauty of the view stunned the young boy.

6. Two blue fish swam in the tank.7. Her purse was full of useless trash.

8. The colt reared and threw the tall rider.

9. It snowed, rained, and hailed the same morning.10. Read verse out loud for pleasure.

Speak all 10 of these lines into your microphone and ensure that each syllable sounds as it should. Always remember to test the

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